Your safety is our priority.

A FieldXcel commitment.

At FieldXcel we have a clear priority: the safety of the thousands of services that move with us in cities across the world.

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High quality standards.

Before, during and after the service.

Your technician is professional.

We have the most rigorous registration process in the market. We validate the identity of all technicians and the quality of their vehicles. And of course, we make sure they’re adept at using our app.

Know your technician.

With our propreitary algorithm, you can build a network of known, trusted technician across the cities you travel and you have a much higher probability of getting known technicians for your services. Build a human network, of service providers of your preference and feel safe.

Your trusted techniciannetwork.

Build a network of your own trusted technicians across cities to meet your transportation needs

Share the service in real-time.

Each service is tracked via GPS and as well as having all the information before the service, you can share your trip with friends and family so they know where you are.

Quality Tools and Processes.

All FieldXcel technicians use prescribed servicing techniques as well as tools for the asset types, have passed out as well as your enterprises quality check.

Your opinion counts.

Technicians and technicians leave ratings after each service and we take every one into account in order to take the necessary measures. This helps us offer a service which we believe to be unparalleled.

Available for you.

You can contact our customer service with any questions or problems you might have. In the case of an emergency, our team is available to respond 24/7.

I have my network of known and trusted technicians who are available to service my enterprise assets as well as my own assets. I feel safe as if he is my personal technician



Analyst, Bangalore